3 Amazing Ways to Grow with Hydroponic Systems – The Complete Guide

3 Amazing Ways to Grow with Hydroponic Systems - The Complete Guide

Watch how to setup the easier drip hydro system for any beginner:
For a basic ebb and flow garden setup, check out this video here:

Everything you need to grow plants indoors ►

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  1. Top feed rdwc with resivior. Use 2 submersible water pumps one to chiller and one to distribution manifold. use 3/8 ID for watering get T and make drip rings make holes with hot trim nail in drip ring so you have a spray. Alow the return from the resivior waterfall into res. Have 5/8 ID hose drain from each bucket back to res. Run water 24/7. Throw away air pumps.

  2. Chickens check
    Livestocks check
    Plants check
    Fruits check
    ….hmmm………HUMANS ? when can we grow humans bigger and faster ? that would mean strong labors, stronger soldiers, etc.

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    Who asked any advise from this clown – Shut The Fuck Up and help with something we already don't know from several years ago – IDIOT!
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  5. I’m More confused now than I was before watching your video ,
    I just wanna grow vegetables indoors without soil ,
    What’s the cheapest and easiest way


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