2nd Edition IHG Book Release & 93 Oz. Pea Microgreens

2nd Edition IHG Book Release & 93 Oz. Pea Microgreens

The second edition book is now published. It will take about a week from the date of this video for me to review a hard copy to check the alignment of the cover and spine. The internal contents should be fine. This was my biggest pea grow yet and it was grown in the 3rd Generation IHG Assembly as outlined in the book. 5.82 pounds is a huge success for me. I hope you enjoy the video. You can reach all my books using the link below.
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MY BOOKS ON MICROGREENS & LETTUCE. If you want to know how to grow microgreens like I do, I wrote a book on it, “Microgreens – Intense Hydroponic Grows” (2nd Edition Available in standard paperback, large-print color, and Kindle). Also available is “Lettuce – Easy Hydroponic Grows.” Go to my Amazon Store and find the version you want here:

I am the source for these materials. Send me an email and ask me for the ordering information. My email is Here’s my video on the screens if you want a preview:

SUPER ANTIFUNGAL.  The Super Antifungal is designed for use with microgreens. I also sell the concentrate.  4 ounces makes 2 gallons and you can email me for pricing as well as find it here in my video along with the recipe for the DIYer:

TRUE LEAF MARKET SEEDS. I am an affiliate of True Leaf Market and recommend them highly for great quality microgreen seed. Won’t cost you anything extra to purchase using this link, but it does help support the channel so I can keep bringing you content. You can reach True Leaf Market here for all your seed needs:

BOOTSTRAP FARMER TRAYS: I am an affiliate of Bootstrap Farmer, the trays I’ve been using for years. They are awesome and heavy duty. :O) It won’t cost you anything extra to purchase using this link, but again, it does help support the channel. Your tray needs can be reached at:

MARS-HYDRO LED LIGHTING. If you need high quality LED grow lighting, I’ve trialed Mars-Hydro and really like their lights! You will receive a 3% discount, if you use my HGMB code, over their regular pricing! Mars-Hydro Website:

MY STORE ON AMAZON. Everything I use for gardening, I try to put in my store including all my microgreen and hydroponic stuff. So, when I talk about anything that interests you and you think, “Hummm, where can I get that?” Well, it’s all right here, you pay nothing extra for using it, and it’s always updated! Please check out my store here:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you click on one of the product links or my amazon storefront, I do receive a small commission. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t add a penny to your purchase price! Thank you for the support!

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  1. Hi Brent,

    When I try to grow blonde peas, I get too much vertical growth and not enough leaf size. Do you recommend keeping it under weight longer?
    I’m using speckled pea variety

  2. Hi Brent, I'm unable to purchase your books on Amazon due to me living in Canada? Is there anyway I can pay you directly and pay you to ship a copy of your book to me? Thanks, Dawson



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