2019 A Look Ahead / Easy DIY Hydroponics systems

2019 A Look Ahead / Easy DIY Hydroponics systems

Instead of doing a recap of last year, I thought it would be better to lay out what lies ahead for all of us on this channel.
easy diy hydroponics system

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  1. People can and are learning a lot from your channel. Even seen one channel that thinks he is the king of hydroponics steal your pool noodle idea and makes people think he was the one came up with it. People like that I have no time for! Give credit where credit is due! It really amazes me how much gardening has become a dog eat dog world! My channel is all about helping others learn how to garden no matter how big or small an area they have. I always state I am not expert on anything but share what works for me as it could work for you / others. Like you said somethings work and somethings don't so all we can do is show what works for us and keep on keeping on. You have an awesome channel here! Keep up the great work. Happy New Year!

  2. I see a lot of people using cattle panels in a arch. Then put veggies/flowers to climb on it. What about vertical pvc pipes filled with soil and watered from top? Hope the worm farm goes well! Keep growing my friend!

  3. Hi Mike, just found your channel , been watching for a couple of hours now. I am 72 and said that I give up on gardening, it’s too hot and I can’t get out and weed like I used to (have heart problems) but you have inspired me, I think I might try your down spout method, I love Bok Choy but can’t find it where I live (Mississippi), tried looking for the seeds, cannot find them neither, so I guess I’ll try something else, also I like the micro greens. Thanks for the videos, I really enjoy them..

  4. Hey Mike! I was sent over here by Eh Joe 'cause i'm just starting out my growing journey. Love the channel and love the editing! This is exactly up my alley! Keep being the change, man!

  5. Heres to looking forward to a good year!!! I’m getting the guys at my fire station fired up (see what so did there haha) about getting some hydroponics in the back yard. Your vids are awesome! Thanks for sharing and the positive vibs!

  6. Harvested my first lettuce and kale today, thanks to your channel, advice, and encouragement. Thank you! So delicious and easy to grow!!

  7. Just wonderful to see your community grow into the future, along with the off grid hydroponics.
    I like how how you keep on looking at improving what you do into the future.
    GO THE WATER SPINACH!!!! Tough as that plant..and a crop of the future for many outside of Asia.
    Back to my video edit hehe,,the software is playing up on me.
    Happy Gardening
    Marty Ware

  8. Keep on growin'! I'm also so intrigued by what you do every time I watch a video! Coffee, is coffee something you'd be able to grow?

    MEGA appreciate that little end card man. That means a lot to all of us!

  9. Hi Mike. I stumbled upon your channel for the first time a few days back and am thoroughly enjoying your many vids. Got my husband to make me a few downspout planters and started some spinach and Pak Choi. Also a few micro greens. You are an amazing inspiration! Your generosity with your time and instructions is quite a gift to those of us out here stumbling around in the dark. The humor is also appreciated. Gotta have that as there will be a few mistakes along the way to chuckle at as we experiment and improve our methods. Thanks so much. Many blessings to you and your family throughout the year. Doggie is cute, too. I have a couple of those also. The downspout system will keep them from peeing on the veggies! LOL!

  10. Happy new year and thank you Mike! Thank you thank you, I live in central Ontario Canada it’s 28 degrees today… I’m going to our greenhouse tomorrow and hardware store find my supplies. (I’m stealing my grandson pool noodle, he’s not going to miss it for another 6 months! haven’t had romaine lettuce since the e-Coli scare November 2018 and I’m so Looking forward to grow my own, wish me luck!

  11. Watching this video just inspired me to fix a problem that I discovered last week. Three of my lettuce tubes went dry. I didn't notice until the lettuce was wilting. You saw in the pictures that they are down low on a bottom shelf, and hard to see. I'm going to install a cork float on a stick, so I can watch the water level. I may drill a dedicated hole for the stick. On second thought, I will probably wrap a pool noodle around a piece of drinking straw, and insert the stick through that. That way, I can transfer the float to any Kratky tube I have. Thanks, Mike. You are an inspiration.

  12. I’m hoping to get my father in laws old greenhouse and start to set some hydroponics up in there (I’m presuming it would work in a greenhouse right?) you’ve inspired me…thank you 🌟

  13. Because of you and your videos I finally found a system this old lady can easily use. I have harvested bok choi, swiss chard, kale, and beet greens several times. I now have lettuce sprouting and more. My water spinach looks sad but it is still growing. I even have a tomato plant blooming. I pray a blessed year on all of you!


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