Will this aquarium change work? The king of DIY

Will this aquarium change work? The king of DIY

The 375 is slowly being converted to a saltwater aquarium. In doing so, i thought it was a good time to reuse some of the rocks in a cichlid fish tank to attempt to get them to spawn! Will it work?

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  1. Once the vieja breed, you should switch out to another type of large cichlid. Or if you can legally buy them or get them, native species such as bluegills, sunfish, or perch. They're really cool fish to keep.

  2. Love the simplified river rock scape! Hoping if there are 2 males in the tank that the less dominant one has the ability to still get out of the line of sight of the other one. I know you will keep an eye out for that though! Looks fab!!

  3. Those fish are beautiful! Their colors…gorgeous. It would be so cool to see a bunch of fry swimming around, especially once they start to color up. 🍀👍😎🍄

  4. I would have still put a piece of driftwood in the veija tank, even if it was just something simple as a one branch piece that laid across the rocks to the open side of the tank and didn't take up the upper half of the tank.

  5. Can you do a video where you draw some of your colorful fish with the colors you think they are so we can tell if we are seeing the same colors as you!

  6. 10:18
    "Match maker, match maker make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch!"
    "He's tall! That is from side to side!
    But he's a good catch, right? Right."

  7. Very nice I really like the simple look. The longer I am in the hobby the more I appreciate the “less is more look”. Hopefully you get some breeding. Looking forward to it.

  8. Ohhhh!!!! I so can't wait to see what happens next with them. Thank you for this video. I think they really like it. I know i do. Haha as if i matter, it is their home.

  9. yeah mine lays egg on flat surface rock or wood. doesnt like round rocks but the flat smooth rock
    most of the time its the rock and before they do the male would bully. well it seems like it.
    it would push and bite? the female and then they clean the area they lay the egg


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