why these aquariums were a mistake

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  1. im late to subscribing to your channel. i realy do enjoy the videos. when i built my fish room. i made it that i could sit back and enjoy the tanks. now i only have 5 tanks.. what im trying to get to is how do you enjoy your tanks other then building them then breaking them down? i would say make it into a relaxing viewing room. maybe a sofa tha is angle to view all the tanks and just basking in your amazing skill you have

  2. I have well water and ours has a ton of iron in it. If I don't let it sit in a tub for a few days to let the iron settle to the bottom (which ends up looking like sand), my water will look yellow and turns everything im my filtration brown. Even with a softener the ph is always hard and cost too much to lower it so I only keep African cichlids. It works perfect for them.

  3. Love Your rant. I have been in the aquarium hobby pretty much all of my life (and I am 50). Over the years I have change what fish are in my tank several times (including going from fresh to salt and back again). I love this hobby/life style. After this long in the hobby I am always learning new things and I love it.

  4. So glad I stumbled across your channel! Was thinking of selling my tank but have renewed interest because of your videos!!! I have a lot of back logging to do, trying to find videos on homemade fish food. What do you suggest for herbivores fish?

  5. Great video Joey, noticed your a wood fanatic, have watched several of your videos and they are all great, but you and wood, wow. love your humor and your upbeat attitude, and at times you crack me up and make my day. So glad you have videos to watch and hope you never stop. Oh and most important you do what makes you happy, that is what is important, don't worry about the nay Sayers or the negativity. You be you, and do things how you want to do them. Your tanks are awesome, and makes want to start a fish tank again.

  6. Im catching up. finally finished the video. if i have the resources like joey did. i will surely re-arrange my aquariums too. specially if its less hustle to clean and to re-escape anytime

  7. Must say I love this video I now fully understand what you’re planning on doing I don’t watching the rest your new were videos must say I do change my tanks often I’ve gone from 10 gallon tanks to 2 gallon tanks to a 55 gallon tank I’ve even turn 10 gallon tanks into other things than just fish right now I have frogs and one of them the other one is just plants eventually I hope to build a shelf in unit but you’ve help me see them maybe a shelving unit isn’t the greatest way to go but I must say I love all the fish videos you do my next question is have you ever done blood thin Tetris? What do you recommend on how many to have with them and what size of a tank they’re good for?

  8. came for the update, got that plus some life advice and a bit of a philosophy lesson and a rant as well and loved it all cause your(joey) letting us into a part of your life that isnt fun to talk about but I think you needed to get it off your chest and it feels good to give you an avenue where you can do that, to air your grievances so to speak and hopefully you feel better.

    (although you could be like me and be stewing over having said anything at all but venting is necessary to move on I find so try not to worry over it too much )

  9. I have to build the GF a fish room soon. She was like I do not want the tanks real high. I told her they have to be tall to maximize space and give that impacting look. Well you just let her win that debate. lol


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