What will happen to my aquariums in 2019

A look at my aquariums and what to come in the new year

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  1. Hey joey, love your videos always looking for a new one! I think it would be really cool if you could incorporate a quarium/terrarium! The terrarium could be a low maintenance ( even a crested gecko) with say acouple blue cray fish down below! It would be awsome to see how you would do it, thinking about doing it myself. And to check in on his progress!

  2. You could do a few tanks with African cichlids but each tank being from a specific origin lake… and also r u ever going to do a salt water tank?

  3. Joey! Please consider some German Blue Rams for that empty tank. Pretty please 😍 I'm catching up on your videos and I kinda hope it's still empty 3/31/2019
    PS. Don't be surprised if I give you a bear hug if I ever meet you in person. Your background all the way through to where you stand today…no words, just proud of who you've become. Keep rising.

  4. Typically it seems I don't keep up with your videos for several months and then binge watch them.
    I do have to say tho, I'm a fan of the bass and thanks to viewing them in your gallery(and my own experience and research) They are defiantly a fish i may keep in the future.
    Also, the oscar is looking fantastic other than that bit on it's tail..

  5. Nice Ikolas. I used to breed lots of Tropheus and I have to say the most consistent and less stressful way to breed them is to strip a female of free swimming fry and raise the fry in a separate tank. Easier on the female actually and assures a higher survival rate for offspring.

  6. Would be cool to see you make a community tank in the gallery too, most people dont have room for the biggest tanks and would like to get inspiration from you making smaller community tank 🙂

  7. I would love to see freshwater fish from Australia featured (Aussie here). Also Guppies. Many people, myself included, start with guppies, mollies, platies ect. I was mostly prepared for the live-bearing aspect, but turns out there's so much more to keeping them than first glance. Like feeding schedules, tank capacity ect… They are the type of fish people new to the hobby recognise and start with. I would love to see you feature them so we could learn how to keep them without issue.


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