what really happened to all my fish

what really happened to all my fish

What happened to the king of diy’s fish and aquariums in the aquarium gallery

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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. Just wanted to say, I have been watching youtube for like 15 years and this is hands down my favourite channel. The other channels I watch I do love but not every video is interesting. Been watching Joey for 2 years now and I can't miss a video. I love the evolution of the tanks and seeing each new fish and tank. This really excites me! It's gonna looks so good Joey!

  2. Joey. I know I'm late to this video but…
    I'm a flood and mold mitigation worker. That flooring, is it laminate? Because it and water do not mix. I pray it doesnt happen but IF it gets damaged consider faux hardwood tile. I love ya man.

  3. Been tracking the channel for about a year and a half now. Always great videos. Super transparent, honest, enthusiastic, and motivating. Joey you are the bomb. Don't stop doing what you are doing. Much love brother

  4. When first saw this guy's vid, I thought he was being overly sensitive to the fish for views. But having watched for a while, he is genuinely just enthusiastic, highly motivated individualist who is able to have his hobby and inform others in the "how to" of responsible caretakers.

  5. Awesome to see you set up the gallery to the way you want it. You should use the new large mystery tank as an opportunity to show us how to set up a diy rotary drum filter and/or a hydroponics filter.

  6. Man, make it EXACTLY how you want it. That is the joy of the hobby. I'm super excited to see the end result, and super excited to see your dreams come to fruition. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  7. I like this channel and Joey's videos taught me a lot but each time he goes for a big change it sor of breaks my heart. I would like to watch those tanks getting mature and old. But he needs to destroy and redo everythingand I feel like it is because he needs new content for us.

  8. Where do you get those plastic things that look like rocks that go on the back of the tanks? I have only found one online and it was three times more expensive than my 40 gallon breeder tank.


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