Everyone seems to want to know what happened to the african shell dweller aquarium. Today we do an update on BOTH fish tanks.

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  1. How are leleupi and ocellatus getting on since? I love them both but not sure if they make good tank mates. Please advise me!

  2. Don't overstock your tank with too many fish, use a filter that's made for a larger tank like if you have a 20g tank get a filter for a 40 gallon. The better the filtration the better it'll keep your water clean plus you'll have more space for extra beneficial bactera.

  3. Ok bro, here’s how you can remember = take the word “compress” and the word “biceps” and put them together without the “b”, and you get “compress-iceps! (The “i” is short, like in “igloo”. From your friendly grammar nut out in Utah! Stay safe! (You should be able to remember that, look at the guns on you!) hehe

  4. I would love to come and hang out with you for a day or 2 I'm 2.5 hours away from Chicago and I would drive all the way thier and would love to get some hands on you're videos are freaking awesome but I do better with hands on my tanks are doing great but u can always learn more

  5. Great idea to move the light to one end of the tank. I did this in my 75 gal discus tank. It seems to give the water a more shimmering effect even without the use of wave makers — that I didn't want to install for fear my rummy noses would be swept away! Thanks Joey

  6. My goodness Joey
    It’s almost like listening to someone on speed.
    What’s the rush?
    Take some time, focus on what you’re doing.
    I haven’t been watching a lot of videos lately,
    But this one was painful to watch.
    Something very different from your earlier videos.
    Very worried about you.

  7. My Norwegian tapwater is PH 7.1, GH <0.1 and KH about 0.05… And my fish and shrims loves it! I by fish and plants that can handle this numbers. waterchange once a weak. No problems at all 🙂

  8. I am still a beginner but a lesson I've learned is that my snails weren't killing my plants, I was killing my plants with excel (at manufacturers instructed dosage rates too mind you) and they were noticing before I did. I'm sorry I blamed you lil' snails you never did anything wrong.

  9. When it comes to water parameters and cichlids, the thing to keep in mind is that they are extremely hardy fish so they can tolerate living in water that not fine tuned to their natural habitat. In fact the African Rift Lakes connect to the ocean so there's always a constant change in the water parameters and that's what makes the cichlids so hardy.

  10. Hey joi !
    Yea I am much the same my African tank I usaly just try make evrything stable I don’t Chase numbers unless there sic or Somthing is not right my ph is usaly 7.8-8 love watching your vidioes it takes my mind of my own problems thanks heaps your a legend !

  11. Halo brother im new at fish keeping just wanted to know if 1 fish is sick is it necessary to cure allof them.and how many times should i apply medicine in a week.thank u cir


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