What happened to Frank

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  1. As a Veterinary Technologist, we hear people say “ You can’t save them all.” To which we reply, “I can damn well try.” And you damn well tried, and that is all anyone can ask of you. My condolences on your loss.

  2. I love how passionate you are, and yes it is devastating when we loose our little guys. Even though people might think they are only "fish" but when you love them they become more than that. 💙

  3. Use clear aqua product the yellow and white powder pill . Have to force feed the fish will eat again after a few days . If such things happen again (product name: Google – cz aqua clear

  4. I want you to know Frank can't be replaced even if you get another flowerhorn. I just got a flowerhorn and if it's a male I will him Frank the second in memory of Frank. To be honest I love all your fish but Frank was something special. I wished that I could of see with my two eyes yalls interaction. Rest in peace Frank I hope you enjoying heaven.

  5. There's nothing to be ashamed of when showing 'true' feelings… Frank lives on in you.
    I watched all of the video… I had no need to… I didn't need to have anyone tell me that Frank was in good hands… He was in the best hands. Thank you for sharing the good and the bad I really appreciate it and look forward to watching more of your videos because of that one reason. Take care my friend 👍😊👍
    RIP Frank you're missed 👍😇👍

  6. I had a female flowerhorn in a 75 gallon tank. She was more like a dog than a fish. Id put my hand in the tank and she would come it my hand and rub against it. When I walked in the door and she seen me, she got excited. Wanted the hand. Had her for about 6 years. She was so comphy, she would lay eggs on a flat rock in her tank and protect them. One day I came home with a bag of her favorite food… Crickets. She seen them and started jumping. She hit the glass on top of the tank and knocked her dingy. Wouldnt eat and swan on her side for a few days Called vets and nothing me or them could do. I had to put her down. It killed me.. I got rid of the tank after that. People who say its just a fish never had a Flowerhorn. They are smart and love their owners.


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