WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Puffer fish meet in aquariums

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Puffer fish meet in aquariums

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  1. Tyrese knew EXACTLY what he was doing. Lol. He played you for an extra shrimp, and he took his sweet time eating it. I know you saw him slurp that whole thing in at the end. Lmao. He was just teasing you the whole time. Hahaha

  2. This is my favorite video because puffers are my favorite fish!!! I have Figure 8 and a Green Spotted Puffer, and I just adore them!!! My wonderful husband just got me a 180 gallon tank for my dream fish…..a Porcupine Puffer and I can't wait to dive into saltwater and get my favorite fish!!!!

  3. That was far more entertaining than it would have been had Tyrese actually performed on cue. Instead, I'm sitting here laughing about a puffer not being a punk to another puffer, instead being a punk to his human by not performing as expected in any situation. Well done, Tyrese! We know who the boss is in your home! 😂

  4. So what did you expect?
    "Hey Kev, what color panties you got on?"
    "None! Me love you long time Tyrese."
    They're from different worlds thousands of years of evolution apart.

  5. I'm sorry for being a dork but if they are both 'Puffer' fish how do they survive in different tanks. I'm just starting out and fish forums are so confusing its better to stick with one guy then you know where you are. That's why I subscribed. BTW you did a decent job with your hair, much better than some of the hatchet jobs I've seen here in the Uk. Thanks for the brilliant videos.

  6. maybe they will take some time to get used to each other. My pea puffers were shy at first then they group up together to kill snails 😀 be patient Joey 😀 Let's get crazy… yea yeaa yeeaa yeaa go baby …. yea yea yea yea


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