While on the beach in Mexico, I randomly found a saltwater stingray in his natural… aquarium! Haha from there I had to share it with you guys and everything else I saw in the ocean!

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  1. Kamp Kenan changed you! Haha awesome to see you enjoying fish in nature .
    Before you said you didn’t like going in the Ocean or water where there’s fish.
    And you’re so excited .

  2. Love your video I'm from Australia and the grait brea reef is not so nice now every one is going to fuiji to diving and snalcking the reef her look like wher you air now not good at all now thir bleaching it to bring it back cos of the shipping chanil right next to the man shopping into Australia so not nice

  3. Hey Joey, that looks like the Grand Serenis? Great hotel. You should try getting out a little further to see the turtles, barracuda and big queen angels.

  4. Joey needs to get a flotation snorkel for a above line flotation snorkeling device or breather…. You can also create your own with some tubing 😉 you basically attached it to the snorkel and make sure it has a nice are tight fit with some silicone…. that way you can get a little deeper and at the same time you don't have to worry about water getting into the top

  5. Joey it was nice to see you with your family. The enthusiasm on your face was ecstatic! Your wife is beautiful. The kids are growing fast! Enjoy your vacation, will see you soon

  6. On PEI you can collect sand from below the tide line, in a bucket you can carry.
    No tractors, etc. 😛
    That came up recently because a farmer collected some with his tractor not realizing it was illegal.
    So if you want some red PEI beach sand for a project, Joey, give a shout 😀

  7. Wow! Liked your video of the fish in their natural environment. I've been keeping fish for over 40 years and I can appreciate a video like this. When my family and I go to a beach with a ocean , I do the same thing. I explore the the shallows and look for marine life. My wife thinks I'm wasting time and says I should just swim and play in the water, but I like to do what you do, that is my favourite part of the trip. Hopefully this Summer we will get out to Cape Breton and I'll explore the Marine life there. Now lets talk water Temperatures. You said that the water was 25 degrees C. The best water temperature Cape Breton gets is 18 Degrees C, I love it anyways. And Inverness Beach where my father in law comes from is beautiful.

  8. How many kids do you have man? I thought you had just 1 son and daughter. Also where in mexico did you go? Im planning some kind of getaway for me and the GF this yeah and Im looking at some place outside the US and that place looks awesome. Great video. Great fish. Great dad jokes.

  9. If you're going fish only, you might as well get sea cultured live rock.
    You can get it from reef building companies, and you don't need much to seed your tank.

    Sure along with the dozens of interesting additions you could get aptasia but with a peppermint or certain easy angels it's no big deal.

    And bubble algae isn't actually ugly in fish only.


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