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  1. help by commenting

    i have 2 red ear slider in a 35galon fish tank i am giving them green muncis with worm and plakes changing day to day so that they dont get attached with any of tge food… now my q is should i keep them
    full tank of of water with floting islands
    as like now i keep them 3inch of water with grass carpet and and 3inch stone

  2. Hello from Spain. You ispire me man. I mean you really do with all your videos . I´d like to konw if you have your book translated to spanish if not you shoul do it. Wating for your answer thanks much.

  3. Congratulations on 250k!

    It may already be in the cards, but I'd like to see you do a series on walstad style (soil capped with inert substrate). It would be a great asset to diy fishkeepers on a budget because they are really inexpensive. A Walstad compared to plain sand with root tabs wins hands down. DIY root tabs might be a good subject too. Once you get your planted tank going obvious things like trimming, rooting trimmings, etc.

    I'd like to see you do two planted setups, one high tech, one low tech walstad.

    If you do a walstad, don't buy into the "mineralizing" or rinsing dirt. I've found it just makes a mess and essentially does nothing. You can add supplements like iron, etc, but washing soil is silly, it just makes mud lol. Sorry to keep talking about Walstad, but it's pretty amazing how well they do, and how low maintenance they are. I still do water changes, but gravel vacuuming never happens. The fish seem healthier too to be honest.

    I really love my planted tanks as you can probably tell. Different biotopes are neat too, I get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing them and studying and trying to recreate the natural habitat of the fish.

    I'm actually in the middle of remaking my 5 gallon bucket canister filter, just waiting for some silicone to dry and then I can fill it up and connect everything. Have a good one and keep it fishy!

  4. thanks for the great channel! 🙂 my 6 month old daughter likes to watch your videos with me, you have a friendly face that she has grown to like 😀



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