VERY EASY Saltwater aquarium setup | The King of DIY

This saltwater aquarium is as easy to take care of as my freshwater fish tanks. Maybe even easier.

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  1. I have a small cheato reactor on my 360 gallon saltwater aquarium I haven't done a water change in about 3 months and everything is still perfect and. I also have a UV sterilizer.

  2. I know you are a freshwater guy and that means water change, water change, water change… But with a fish only saltwater system it's really not that necessary. Turn the skimmer back on, grow some macro in the sump and stop changing water – or do it every couple months max.

  3. Could you please do a video on Freshwater (setup) and Saltwater (set up). I so want to start a 20-30 gallon Saltwater for my favorite Clown fish 🙂 Please advise.

  4. Throw some chaeto in that sump with a basic grow light. Make that aquarium even easier. I water change 2-3 times a year in my 75 softie tank

  5. I think you should keep him in the house where you and you're family can enjoy him more. Do something different in the gallery. You've said yourself that Bruce has turned into more of a pet fish

  6. Do a saltwater tank with some softie corals.. totally easy to do, and the corals are cheap, forgiving, and easy! Leather corals, nephthea, zoas, mushrooms… Duncan corals! Love my little reef tank just as much as my planted tanks I started with!!


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