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  1. I used to take a Golden Algae eater to a vet. When OTC meds weren't helping, I called a vet, who happens to be into all animal care. He is amazing! I took it in every other day for a week and a half. Dropped it off before work picked it up after words. They loved him! The shots they were giving him ended up not working, sadly, but it did give him a little bit longer life. AND when the doctor called me to check in a month later he was honestly sad to hear my fish died. They sent me a card! When or if! he retires we will all miss him. He truly is a Dr. Dolittle!

  2. I have clown loaches and I don’t know about your but mine hide all day long. They stay under a rock and because of it there not my favorite fish. But I did get barbs and I love them a lot. I also have panda loaches I love them to death but they are super hard to keep alive.

  3. hello my name is Wellington Ribeiro, I am from the city of Porto Velho in the state of Rondônia Brazil. I like your videos and I always look for new inspirations. and always find them on your channel. I just have to ask you to put subtitles on your videos so I can translate. because my English is not good. hugs from your friend BR. hehehehehe

  4. if you like i can give you the contact information of profs at dalhousie who can help you out with that they can supply you with. I know that you know this but other viewers may not i highly advise not using antimicrobial compounds as a prophylactic

  5. Grate vid loved it as first year in this hobby,, I still like thinkin what best food en so but gd use full information there comment seance Amy read the ingredients hahaha 🤪😜🤪

  6. Wow! Canada legalized marijuana and restrict medication for fish. I'm glad to live in a green state in the U.S. and be able to go to any pet store and buy fish meds then stop at a rec shop and buy marijuana before going home to medicate my fish and medicate myself.


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