UNBOXING AQUARIUM FISH! The king of DIY’s saltwater new fish tank

UNBOXING AQUARIUM FISH! The king of DIY's saltwater new fish tank

Unboxing the stingrays:

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  1. New to the channel and love the videos! I’ve got a simple 70 gallon freshwater tank, housing a Red Devil and Jack Dempsey .. But you’re inspiring me to go so much harder!!!

  2. I live in the area that 1 fish 2 fish is located and I will have to definitely agree with Joey . It’s the only fish store close by to me other than petsmart the way. but who really wants to go there for fish. Also a smaller store that’s out of way. 1 fish 2 fish a very great store. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable and very helpful. Joey is genuine when he talks about their store and I know he is.

  3. That’s right Joey!!! My boy had a pet store where I got all my fish from! And he just closed I was sad. It’s very true I was in upstate ny where it snows so it’s harder

  4. I seriously hope you dont plan to put all thoose tangs, emperor angel and clowntrigger with thoose beatiful stingrays!!? It will only be a matter of time before one (or several) starts nipping the rays tails and stress them to death! Some tangs might work, but angels and triggers are not good tankmates för stingrays altough some might work it is a matter of time…

  5. Could you go over what medication you are treating on the new fish in your qt? I’ve done prazipro/ cupramine before. Just curious which products you’re using


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Viewer Appreciation and a Look Ahead

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