Today we unbox 226 new aquarium fish for the planted fish tan and the new aquarium!


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  1. Hello man 🙂 thank you so much to share your experience on this channel. All your aquariums are so wonderful :). I love your positive and optimistic behaviour, you are really passionnated and I appreciate it a lot. Even if english is not my mother tongue, i can easily understand you. Thanx a lot man to share your videos on youtube. Have a very nice day. Laurent

  2. Giant gouramis tend to not gow as significantly in tanks, although I know that's just a holding and you have plans for the future. Good luck and keep up the great work!👌👍

  3. U should keep a school of black skirt tetras
    I got those fish, and they are the 2nd type of fish I got, and they really like to nibble and are hard to get to eat, and I would want to know what other fish are able to be in a community aquarium with

    The reason y I got them is because when I saw them school at the store it looked beautiful

    I got the fish from pet smart and one of them died from a parasite, so I am currently treating the rest of the tank

  4. Don't the Fahaka puffers require brackish water? Pea puffers are purely freshwater and could go with your cardinals in your beautiful planted tank, but the water requirements are quite different. Then again, I don't know if you kind of have similar water right across most of your tanks. Beautiful though. Love your passion for fishkeeping waves from the other side of Canada!

  5. Gotta feed the fahaka snails 24/7 to keep its teeth good and keep him healthy. Just set up a 10 gallon, breed hundreds of snails, and when its feeding time just take a few and drop it to the puffer


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