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A devastating update on my stingrays ►

This is an update of my 540 gallon aquarium.
It is built from 2 used tanks, and a plywood bottom. Making it, what i feel is the first of its kind.

i am using a fluidized bed filter out of 2 55gallon drums. Making the total system 650 gallons.

The lighting is DIY led’s.

An update on my stingrays ►

Watch the series on this tank build here:

The LED build here:

More on fluidized beds:
and here:

drip system:

Why i do bare bottom aquariums:

First and foremost, i prefer the look. However, not everyone will. I am a fish keeper, i am not a tank keeper. I keep fish and display the beauty of the fish, and not the aquarium. I am not trying to recreate anything here, i simply enjoy the fish.

1: No deco/no substrate insure no injuries to expensive fish.
2: No substrate insures my filter holds the concentration of bacteria in the highest amount. Insuring full control over my aquariums parameters and maximum efficiency of filter.
3: Over time, regardless of how well you clean the substrate, it will still harbor debris. Now this tank is 36 square feet. Imagine trying to stay on top of that. So ease of maintenance is a big plus.
4: Water quality. It is a fact that water quality will be much better with a bare tank. There is no where for debris/organics to hide, accumulate, ect..
5: Old tank syndrome. This can not happen in a bare tank.
6: These will one day be MASSIVE fish. All of the above will become even more important as they grow.
7: most substrates are just too abrasive for rays. Given that so much bacteria would live in the sand.. one small cut could lead to infection and kill the ray.

In the end… substrate in BIG tanks with BIG fish simply isn’t worth the risk or headache.


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  1. Was thinking if you could pump the water into the bottom of the 1st barrel it could help fluidize the media. Only thing is how to filter the incoming water.

  2. u need a center rock like the volcano tank on utube,,,some crabs and clown fish,,some pkants,,make a jungle,lol,,,u inspire me to get back into the hobby,,,thus why im back on these vids,lol,,, good vids

  3. Would you have the same issues with evaporation if you didn't heat the tank/room as much? I think something similar would be amazing for fancy goldfish, almost like a pond you can see through.

  4. I wanted to build a tank like this using 55g tanks. It would end up being 48x48x22 i believe. However i think the average 55g tanks are 1/4 inch thick glass. I was unsure if it would hold because of the thickness even with rim braces. Do you think it would be okay? Thanks



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