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  1. Joey what do you mean by adding UV lights to the arowana tank “to tan her”
    Or someone explain pls,, does she get a sun kissed glow? A bronzed complexion?? 😂

  2. i might have missed it but how did you reinforce the house foundation to accommodate such a heavy weight on it in a small area?

  3. Enjoyable Video ! I have been following for several years and you're the main reason I just built a 1210 gallon DIY Plywood Aquarium/Sump  System.. You really had a friendly way about you here.. I have 3 large Uaru, and the romaine doesn't have a chance when it goes in the tank.. I also am kinda feeling your Angels are my favorites..

  4. Hey joey, I have followed you for a very long time.. Great job dude. Keep it up. Now I finally have a question. My tap water 7.8 ph. I have a 75 gallon tank I would like to do as a rainbow tank plus a few others that call for 7.0 ph. Everyone I talk to says ph doesn’t matter because fish nowadays are tank raised. If I fill my tank with my tap @ 7.8 how can I reduce it to 7.0? Before adding fish of course. I can buy bottled water to maintain the 7.0. If I buy water to start 7.0 it will cost me $200. Also I want to use sand substrate, with driftwood, rock, Anubis, java fern.. Any ideas? I would also have to do a lot of rinsing of the sand in the bottled water as well. Thank you..

  5. I once had 2 Jack Dempsey's Humphrey and Bogart who shared one aquarium to themselves. They didn't like newcomers (I found out the hard way) After about a year I lost Humphrey but Bogart lived on. He was so colorful. A fun fish… I know it wasn't the best food for him but I would hold a piece of raw hamburger about a half inch above the water and he would slowly swim to the top of the water then quicker than the eye jump out and snag that piece of meat right out of my fingers. His teeth were unbelievably big. He was about 4 inches when I had to give him away. Man he was tough. I remember once cleaning his aquarium and I dropped him about 4 feet to the kitchen floor and it hardly phased him. I put him in the aquarium and he went along like nothing happened. Lost touch with the person I gave him to. Hope he lived a long life… Just thought I'd share my story with you. I really enjoy your videos and your passion for these beautiful creatures. Thank you so much.

  6. I liked your old videos, when you 1st started. Now you seem like your on speed or cocaine all the time and you got your ego in the clouds. Compared to how you were in your older videos, looks like you are over acting now. over the top, like you are trying too hard. Back then you seemed cool, calm and your vids were genuine. Now all I see is videos of you showing off your expensive tanks and fish. Hardly, if any, DIY material. Unsubscribed.

  7. Hi Joey, just wondering, I love tiger barbs and was wondering how many I could get in a 500 gallon tank. Also I seem to be having trouble buying your DIY book. Where else can I buy it from. I live in the UK.

    Kind regards



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Within the Crab Cellular System Time Lapse

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