This aquarium store has EVERYTHING!!

While speaking in maryland at the big fish deal, i was told there was a aquarium store right down the street. The night before i left, i had to make sure i checked it out. This store had a little bit of everything. Glad i stopped by… sad i couldn’t take anything back across the border. 🙁

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  1. Hey Joey. I really like your videos and I’m new to this channel and that’s why I’m watching your older videos now, but with the fish store tours, please could you show the fish in more detail.. the names and the actual fish in general. I want to get more fish and seeing a variety of fish being displayed in your vids would really help a lot with inspiring me and I’m sure a lot of other viewers into getting something special. I live in South Africa, so buying fish here is more on the order instead of browsing and that’s why I’m writing you this. Thank you 🤙🏼


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