The king of DIY sets up a new planted aquarium. A full tutorial on how he did it!

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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. Don't cap the soil, but consider providing some support for the raised center section. As it is, (and it looks nice) the center is going to slowly become level with the rest. If you cap it with sand, it'll require a lot of maintenance, and probably result in a constant problem with algae, and/or cyanobacteria.

  2. Hey Joey! I just got a 125g 72" tank! Was thinking of 2 blood parrots and 2 oscars (1 tiger, 1 albino) but what else should I get? Looking at juveniles and new world of course! Would love your input!

  3. Hi mr. King this is Jack Akana I really watched your Carol on about your fish and your fish tank can you get back with me or I can give you my number you can call me 310 345 39 68 can you please get back with me I really want to talk to you about the fishes and 15th and also how to build a fish tank thank you

  4. Joey, I have been enjoying your channel since around 2014. Just for some perspective, in the time I have been watching your channel I have graduated college, developed my career, met the love of my life (and married them), and purchased our first home. I have always been fascinated by aquariums but never fully dove into the hobby. I have just admired from a distance, enjoyed my time around other hobbyist tanks, and of course watching your videos. I love seeing your excitement and joy come back into this channel. Your excitement has strongly influenced me into doing the research for our own tank now that I FINALLY have the place for it. You may never read this comment, but I just wanted to show my appreciation for all that you do and welcome the return of your enjoyment of this hobby. Welcome back and thank you!

  5. I think some inverts could be cool, such as freshwater pompom crabs, dwarf crayfish (which are more docile than their larger cousins) or cherry shrimp. With some small shoaling fish such as Congo tetras, Danios or even a Betta serority

  6. Please don't cap it. It looks very natural with the soil substrate. I would like to see something reddish in a dark tank like this. Apistogrammas? Roselines would also pop very nicely.


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