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  1. honestly i don't use carbon regularly. i was running carbon heavily in my jellyfish tank for a bit cause it was all full of phyto, but otherwise the only other times i've used carbon were when i was new, when my heater broke and leeched metals, and when i used chemiclear on my reef a year ago. otherwise i have no use for it since i have nothing poisonous in any of my tanks.

  2. Maybe if these had a connection for an air line/bubbler/power-head a-la sponge filters, in order to create water flow through the unit, it would be more useful.

  3. my fav fish expert thats what you are like me you used to be big headed but your perfect now like you i try and help people who get taken in by petshops ect worst offenders in the retail trade here in scotland but alas common sense aint common 66 now still helping people but you my friend are tops in my book you ever in scotland please contact me have a few jars togetherstay safe your new friend from paisley scotland jj

  4. This would be a strong No from me in using this product. Unfortunately as stated it directed toward new Aquatics people. As for Active carbon yea I use it in my RODI as it relives impurities and chem out if the water lines. Also use it on my tanks periodically to help reduce or remove any treatments placed into the water system.

  5. Haha I just saw their ads on FACEBOOK the other day. I was amazed how many people ask about putting it in their SW aquarium and if it would get rid of algae. The company tells them yes!!! Of course I had my say SEVERAL times and am now banned lol

  6. I never used A.charcoal and my aquariums never needed that stuff a little tea color makes more natural and when gets too much a couple of fast 50% water changes fixs everythibg

  7. I like to run alot of carbon since my leather corals have gotten massive and I'm concerned about chemical warfare with my sps coral. That and I waterchange my reef yearly. I completely agree with the situational fresh water applications.

  8. If it just sits in the tank with no water being actively drawn through it, how efficient can it be? If it had a way to pull water through it and over the carbon then it might be worth the trouble. But that's the same thing as a canister or HOB filter which would work much better.

  9. I stopped using carbon after I discovered seachem purigen. I feel like it works way better at "polishing" the water and can go longer without needing to be changed or "recharged".


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