THESE FISH ARE BEAUTIFUL!! Cichlid tank scape

Today we set up and scape the cichlid fish aquarium.

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  1. Your sense of aesthetics is amazing! Yes, the decor was splendid👌 I hope we get an update on this 6 months later, the Java Fern will look even better as it grows and gets more lush.

  2. What kinda wood is that. Found some awsome wood. But will degrade and polute the water if i used it submerged. So i have to paint it with epoxy. Tho i don't know what the moss and java's gonna do. I know they normaly feed of the wood. But wpod worked with epoxy won't aid in that… help me out here

    I was gonna use the wood anyways above the water, with most of the plants aswell. Making sure the fish can't destroy it. And still havr that cool nature look to it

  3. I have a large tank with large cichlids. I've learned they like to chase the dot from a laser pointer. I've learned that if I place the dot on the side of a particular fish the other fish attack it. NOW I CONTROL THE AGGRESSION !!!!

  4. You have a nice fish room. I think it looks better than your older fish room. It just flows better.

    Keep up the good work and RIP Frank. He was one of a kind.

  5. I absolutely love how well the fish looked in that new planted tank. Absolutely love the wood as well!!! Looks amazing Joey!! Keep up the great and amazing work!! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Tanks are looking great! Love that you are getting some plants into these tanks, I just feel it makes for a better overall natural feel to them!

  7. Great new tank mate love those cichs aswell love the way you say it's there tank it's like giving your kid their first house and letting them make a home 😂😁😁

  8. I have been watching you for years and, because of you, I have gained the courage to start my own little channel about my house petting zoo 😂☠️ I just wanted to say a big “thank you” for just being you.


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