These aquariums are exhausting!!

These aquariums are exhausting!!

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  2. Nice to watch more from you. I don't have as many tanks as you lol (only 10) but I understand how you feel I should be cleaning out my 37 and my 40 gallon tanks but it is such a daunting task!! I'm procrastinating. I love the Rubbermaid container idea!!!! Thank you! My prized Red Top Lwanda just successfully produced his first babies and the holding female Red Top released her babies yesterday AND I also have 24 more Red Top Lwanda babies that are about 5 months old from this same female Red Top (she was holding when I purchased her) and those babies will be large enough to be rehomed in a couple of months. lol I'm drowning in baby Red Top Lwanda cichlids!! And I am SO proud of my awesome fish now. I always love watching your vids I'm friends with James Largo from the Cichlid Shack in Tempe AZ, thanks for reading!!😻🤘💙 happy tanking!

  3. A note about the camera and focusing. Camcorders are going to be better as the lens is fixed and the auto focus is going to be better as there isn't a big moving part.


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I leave Garden Unattended For a Week / DIY Hydroponics

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What are we feeding our crab lets?