Their FIRST aquarium tour!

While on vacation, i took my kids to their first aquarium! I was there last year and actually filmed it all… but then somehow lost all the footage. (along with 2 other aquarium tours…)

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  1. What an awesome aquarium. I want and aquariun like the one Darius went into that you said was like a shower cubicle. I could get all the way around it in my chair to clean it properly. It would have to be a low by though. This video makes me want to go back to the London aquarium. That's London UK. I love going through the tunnel. My chair tilts so I can go through on my back at high speed. You get a great view of the Stingrays and sharks that was.

  2. Hi Joy, I loved the video of your aquarium tour from Jan. with your family. I have not been to a huge aquarium like that before, so I really loved the tour. You are a great Dad.

  3. If your ever back in Florida, the Tampa aquarium is awesome, it's pretty big, two stories and they have or at least had a section where you could pet I think it was manta rays

  4. For the saltwater don’t get a shark the don’t last long get some bala sharks for one of your aquariums reproducing them I heard is a challenge and they are almost extinct I would like to know more about it

  5. Joey, don’t get mad, I’m a fan but back when I was still in the Philippines my mom would cook stingray and it tasted so good… I feel bad eating it cause I thought they were cool but she’s a very great cook… we live close to the sea and everyday there’s fresh catch fish or any seafood in the market..


Nematode Isolated from the Gills of a Mud Crabs- Compound Microscope

Nematode Isolated from the Gills of a Mud Crabs- Compound Microscope

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