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Setting up a new saltwater aquarium!

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  1. I find and clean up bogwood to sell, trade, and use. Also was recently given a 60g hexagon tank and build the stand from an odd futon which turned out really nice

  2. make a giant guppy tank with at least 50 guppies and heavy planted ! 😀 this will be so colorfull and nice to watch 😀 great vids mate !

  3. Try using Goo Be Gone, its citrus base, non-toxic, I've used it for Years, let it soak a little and wipe off with paper towel, I've never used it with the damage You have, but try a couple times & I bet it will work.

  4. I also buy and sell used aquariums! I find that stuff goes pretty fast on kijiji as long as you have nice pictures and a clean tank. I’m only 15 but I’ve got my own fish room (some reptiles aswell), I obviously have a job to pay for this all even though I hate factory work it pays off

  5. hey guys I have a tropical fish tank that gets green algae quite quickly.. inhale around 10 guppies the tank is big enough to hold them and and more. anyway to stop the tank getting really dirty.

  6. hey guys i have a new tank with sand in it i cleaned the sand for about an hour then poured it in with only small amount of water then filled it to the top i also did a 50% water change but its been over a day and still is cloudy only thing in it is a filter on please help

  7. The mesh like can be a shocking hazard for the about more like a cheeze cloth screen…that can also have ontop like the material you use on the tank with the sting rays and the bass ..You use that material and work miracles.

  8. My plan to support my 3 tanks (and one is SUPPOSED to be a quarantine tank) is to breed Endler Livebearers and grow Java Moss and other easy to propagate plants. That's what the quarantine tank is supposed to do when no more fish are coming in.

    … got 5 Endlers (2 males, 3 females) at the beginning of the month. I now have well over 30. So… it might work?


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