The time my aquarium EXPLODED – Answering your questions!!


Today I answer YOUR questions even though you mostly wanted to know about my failures… I still answered! Thanks for 300,000 subscribers! See you soon in the OFFICIAL celebration video when these new fish arrive!

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  1. I really like your philosophy of not doing something anymore when you are not happy doing it! Doing this now (taking care of tanks) is like going home to me. Thanks for such words. Inspirational.

  2. build a 1000000gal aquarium with dry rooms for people like kitchen and bedroom maybe even bathroom with shower and every thing would you call it aquarium with house in it or house made of aquarium?

  3. You inspired me to get back into the hobby I love your enthusiasm and watching your channel I like the original videos as well as the new ones. Thank you.

  4. Saw your newest video and realized that you did eventually tell us that story of how this all started and how it saved your life. I’m glad that you made it so far and put so much out.

  5. would you be willing to do a step by step how to video with a complete parts list?would also like recommendations for where to get and which are your prefered brands based on your personal use.

  6. I watch plenty YouTubers (mostly car guys as that's my main hoby) and I hate Q&A's. This is the first one I've ever watched start to finish and didn't even realize it was an hour long. Good job on you sir, well put together.

  7. I would be the first one to miss you when you stop making videos….
    Every day I watch your video. even I see them repeatedly

    You rock man the best fish keeper I have ever meet✌️😊

  8. I know this is a year old, but I’m about to die laughing at the clown puke gravel 10 gallon tank! I am not sure I’ve outgrown the gravel, even after 30 years! LOL!!!

  9. "…becauase what I tell you, you tell other people, and they tell other people, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.." lol

    Keep up the good work man

  10. Joey, the very last people you will be able to let down are those of us who look up to you. You don't hold us up. We look up to you and are inspired by you. We hold you up because we like you. You can't let us down Joey, we can only let you down.

  11. Don't even pretend that you would be that one shell dweller with the 4 baby mamas when you and Frank are practically the same being. You will be barrel rolling in the next life.



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