The SHARKS are growing!!

Today we update on the saltwater aquarium shark eggs! As well as what going on in the fish room.
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  1. Lol, that lion fish reminds me of a cat 😂, it goes up to you and brushes up against you, but as soon as you make a wrong move, it attacks you like you’re the one who went up to it😆👏

  2. I have three port Jackson sharks in a 1000 litre tank with 2 tropical sting rays a barramundi and a puffer fish I found it easy to put a divider in the tank to get the proper growth and formation without any disturbance

  3. I think 4×4's for suppourt in corners and at 3,5 ft mark and 2×4 framing your good to go. excited to see how it turns out. and if your going with a lid on pond maybe time to re thing gars?

  4. Honestly I don't feel comfortable with you having your hand in the water like that, I am incredibly grateful that you wanna share the growth progress. So thank you so much, please be careful though!

  5. You need to pay attention to your eggs a lot later on down the line cause sometimes the sharks will be fully developed and ready to hatch but they can't get out of their egg so you have to help them along

  6. I worked at a pet store that had that line fish in one day while I was cleaning the tank lionfish stabbed me in the thumb the pain from the poison lasted about 90 minutes to 2 hours it took longer than that for the doctors to find out what would happen so the pain was almost gone by the time I saw the doctors

  7. Every time the lion fish is in a video I just want to call him Rafiki. For some reason he reminds me of lion king. He looks like a little shamon ready to bless or curse all who enters his “home”. With his little sidekick “eel” ZaZu 😂

  8. Personally I’m not a fan of keeping fish in a tank that’s only twice their size…I would highly hope they won’t be in their for life..I’m sure you know what your doing but just be careful because your meant to be the master keeper…set a higher standard I think love you

  9. I’m trying to selectively breed not aggressive cichlids still halfway to be done selecting every time and breeding them again and again I got the most aggressive now with tiger barbs

  10. Hi Joey I’m from Florida I just to my aquaculture test for aquaculture in ffa for state my team made 1st and I made 2nd highest score in the state


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