The secret to clear aquarium water!

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What is the secret to clear aquarium water? That is the topic this week!

In today’s video, I talk about algae blooms (green water), bacteria blooms (milky water), tannin stained water (tea coloured water), and messy water!(floating particles).

We discus WHAT we are actually seeing. What CAUSES it. As well as some FIXES and long term PREVENTIONS.

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  1. I had done an ick guard treat ment for a 3 days str8 and changed 25% percent of the water so I think I had bacterial bloom if I believe the water looks so milky and foam is at the top where I have my air bubbles

  2. I have a question. My water is clear. However on the surface of the water I have this ice looking film that’s kinda rainbow. I’ve cleaned the tank many times. And I don’t understand why it keeps coming back

  3. Uhmm I have a question.. So I got this one GRAVLE and washed it like 5 times fully and it seemed clean but when I put it in the water the GRAVLE made my aquarium cloudy.. What do I do?

  4. By the way, Spirella is not a plant, it's good bacteria that has chlorophyll in it. I suspect it doesn't really die off, but moves to where there is more food for it. Like the substrate where the under gravel filter is taking all the nutrients.



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