Today we plant the aquarium.
part 1:

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion of plants bc I really thought I had to buy a lot of them. Now I know I don't have to and, it will grow out.

  2. That's what I was planning to do.. txs for guidance, tank looks amazing.
    also one question, what kind of woods u used & how did u glue them?

  3. Hi Joey., dont do cardinals or neons because its been done so many times.Nearly every lfs has that set up. A school of fancy guppies- the fifferent varities will blow your mind

  4. You need to get both shrimp and tetras, they work fine together I have these species in a 100 gal tank – neon tetras, platinum tetras, and lemon tetras. cherry shrimp, bee shrimp, blue tiger shrimp, blue bolt shrimp, crystal red or crystal black shrimp, babaulti shrimp, panda shrimp, amano shrimp, snowball shrimp, neon yellow shrimp, and cardinal shrimp.

  5. Joey, your videos are so cool. Really!! You make it feel as though we are right there with you. With this tank and the grass… when that grass gets going and fills in AND with all those trees?? It is going to look like a forest. It's going to so pretty. Tetras for sure… like you said with shrimp we won't be able to see them. Even thought Rachel has so.e popping cool cores shrimp..😄🤗😘👵

  6. You shouldn't wet the soil before planting. This is what makes the mess, all the mud/dust particles getting mixed through the water instead of staying covered by the soil.


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