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  1. This may not be my preferred videos, because I am bad at DIY. But I think this kind of video makes a lot of sense to this channel, and I am likely to watch them.

  2. I would like more videos like this! I’d recommend adding units to the y axis of the graphs to make it easier to follow along but I loved the video!

  3. This was one of the best videos since your early DIY work with blue background. I am here for the knowledge, there's enough videos of fish out there. Love the DIY and DATA, and love the calm fellow fish nerd Joey you are when you are just spreading knowledge.

  4. Great vid, I like the tech videos. It would have been interesting to do 20% every 3 days to give a 47% 7 day average and compare that to the 50% weekly data.

  5. Perfect Joey!!! I just got a 10 pack from online and there growing so slowly!!! I’ll be more diligent with my water changes and see if that helps! Right now I’m roughly 50% every 2 weeks. Shame on me I know! Guess I’ve lost sight of the importance of water changing although my water is still super clear, still need to change.

  6. Joey it would be interesting for you to create a separate channel where you get more into the technical side of fish keeping and keep this channel to showcase and scape and show some of the best parts of what the fish keeping world has to offer. Your revenue is important and that is why the second channel can take less time, less editing and be a good throw away bin to ideas you choose for this channel. See how it grows and go from there. And be as authentic to what you want to express as a hobbyist. Will probably surprise you how many people want to hear the experiences, data, and just crazy ideas that go through your head as an experienced fish keeper. Branch out with new ideas. Your channel will always grow as long as you keep showcasing these amazing tanks.

  7. Hey Joey, been a while since I've been on the channel or excited about my fish since I lost my severum at the beginning of quarantine. I just came back to your videos tonight. I've gotta say I'm really enjoying this video and this style of experimental/data driven/scientific videos in general. I thought that was fascinating! I'd really like to see more videos like this; I know they must be a ton of work. To make that pay off maybe you could take us along for the ride – I'd love to watch weekly updates on experiments of this style, even for other types of fish that might be less glamorous than discus.

  8. Hmmm the “cult of Joey”. Definitely one for another video 🤪 i like the fact that you have lots of info and data to put forward a good way to run a system. This is definitely something I haven’t seen on ANY other channel. I think a mix of these and your normal style vids would be great mate.


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16 Ounces of Basil Mix Microgreens (Lemon, Thai, Purple Ruffles, Red Rubin, & Cinnamon)

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