The NEW planted aquarium – 1

Part 2-

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  1. you the a bipolar aquariumist lol. u get depressed if everything stays the same and then theres not much to actually do. plus you have to constantly come up w content and what content is there to a tank that's setup and done just sitting there. what, are we gonna watch it for 20 mins?

  2. im also in the hobby and to me the most exciting thing is thinking about a new set up doing it and getting the fish and then once its established DOING IT AGAIN IN THE SAME AQUARIUM. I do it to every aquarium Ivr had for 20 years now. its fun.

  3. Love all of your plans for the tank. I'm glad you're focusing more on your hobby again, instead of worrying about videos. <3 This tank will be AWESOME!

  4. I would silicone a round disk to the bottom of each log giving a foot large enough so each log could stand on its own without any substrate, then when the substrate is added, no big deal about seeing the disk foot because the substrate would cover the foot. and provide more stability to each log. Then you don't have to silicone each log directly to the bottom of the tank.

  5. Did you make the logs yourself, or buy them. Either way, would you let us know the details on how to get ahold some. I like the look, and would like to use them in my 75 gallon that I'm currently setting up.

  6. Way too many logs Joey. Less is more as you stated. The whole focus of a planted tank should be the plants themselves (in my opinion)

  7. I LOVE all the logs and the big ones in the front. It truly looks like you are standing in a forest or something like that. It will look amazing with a carpet of grass


New Seedless Dark Slicer Tomato:  Bryan

New Seedless Dark Slicer Tomato: Bryan

Mud Crab BroodStock Tank at UMT- Mud Crab Hatchery

Mud Crab BroodStock Tank at UMT- Mud Crab Hatchery