THE NEW aquarium scape for the UARU CICHLID fish tank!

THE NEW aquarium scape for the UARU CICHLID fish tank!

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  1. The beginning of this video is hilarious! I was having a bad morning, and needed a good laugh – you gave me one – thank you. The set up looks great. 😀

  2. Hey playboy are you married cause you have some risky twerk booty hot shows on your site straight from south beach cheap video's Xx. Is this a aquarium channel or a front for cheap teez flix from Lucy Rey fily I would watch your reputation they're defiling your aqua site I Don't care what you do on the private side of your life but please don't mix….or solicitate

  3. Great idea having a camera person with you at all times while doing videos, however you may want to invest in some type of microphone that is cordless or one with a pact where it can be hidden on you, (if that even exists, I have no idea), where not sure about others watching, but I find that I'm having to constantly having to adjust my volume depending on which direction you are or how far away from your camera person you are, to keep you from fading out, or so loud that it seems your screaming like there is no tomorrow. other then that, another great video, which yet again shows your love of wood, wood, wood, and more wood, in practically all of your tanks…Ugggh on the wood.

  4. I feel like since there’s a cameraman, he has to be a bit goofier to clear up some awkwardness. It’s not as natural as when he’s just by himself.

  5. I actually had a mating pair of nerite snails. Sadly one passed away the other week. I had been wanting to get the eggs to hatch, but never got ariund to setting up my 5 gallon tank with brackish water to do so.

  6. From the loads and loads of inspiration from Joey and my best friend I am now getting into owning and doing the hobby of fish keeping so a big thanks to Joey and my friend for all the inspiration, ideas and tips

  7. Hi joey could you please give ur opinion on my new idea for my new 105ltr aqurium. I'm gonna put some plant substrate down for my live plants, on top of that I'm putting some large pebbles down which will secure the plants in the substrate plus on the top of the pebbles I'm putting some finger wood covered in java moss. What advice can u give me. Many thanks Arnold


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