Today we get a lot more done on the new aquarium rack. From plumbing, preparing the aquarium sump filter, level the rack, installing fish tank lids, equipment, etc…

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  1. Don’t need a heat gun either.. I just use the flame from a cigarette lighter and keep the flame moving to not char the hose and turn it black.. I know, it’s crude, but it works and very inexpensive… my wife’s blow dryer works as well, lol

  2. Dont overly apply any pvc cement to piping. This will result in the fitting to pvc hub to expand and cause it to bubble out and burst. In florida i repair a lot of these situations with the heat.

  3. That's kick-ASS fishroom setup!! curious as to where to find those plastic sump containers,..
    THX for sharing,.. i have learned more from these videos, truly inspiring..

  4. if one tank drains to the one below, is the flow rate from the pump set to change both tanks 5x times an hour? I see this in racks all the time… what if they are set 3 high like on the discus breeder rack you built [ i think it was 3 high]

  5. Use plumbers grease on your Uni Seal to make the pipe slide easier through the seal. Should be able to use it in a fish tank. Plumbers use it on household plumbing humans drink out of with any problems.

  6. First off I just wanted to thank u for all the great knowledge you have given me and I hope you can come over to ur DIY Fish keepers page on face book and speak with the people over there just spread a little knowledge thank u

  7. I recently discovered your channel and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I, too, am a fish lover, but now I'm trying to shift to freshwater crayfish. I've tried couple of times, but I failed within few months 🙁 YOu should make videos of crayfish! hahahahha I appreciate all your videos!

  8. Hey Joey, I'm looking into getting an aquarium, and I saw an amphibious aquarium. I liked, could you make a video on amphibious aquariums, like how to properly set one up, and the best species to put in there.

  9. Hey Joey, if you ever are interested in Fissidens Mini Moss and would like to give it a try just let me know, i have tons of it and would have no problem sending you enough to try out the DIY Yogurt method on drift wood. It works like a champ and would give you some good content too!




Protein Skimmer from AquaPlanet

Protein Skimmer from AquaPlanet