The LAST aquarium in the gallery

Today we transfer the saltwater aquarium to the gallery. This is the last tank going in!

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  1. I’ve always loved fish I started off with a betta when I was 7 then at 11 I got a mini aquarium with gold fish eventually I moved and had to get rid of it when I was 15 I decided to impulse buy a 20 gallon tank and get some freshwater fish which a year later I upgraded to a 40 gallon I’ve always wanted to start a saltwater tank but everyone would discourage me and tell me how much work it was just 2 weeks ago I was looking on Craigslist and saw a 75 gallon tank with tons of coral clown fish and a yellow tang with some other inverts for 300$ I had to have it I moved it back into my room and I’m loving it right now still learning all about it if anyone is thinking about moving from freshwater to salt just go for it I feel like when I was 7 and finally got my first fish it’s a whole different world

  2. for you to have fun in the saltwater hobby is finding a fish store that is resonable. where i live there is a store that buys corals to sell, which ends up being expensive. then theres a store that frags there own corals which means i can buy up to 10 corals that would be the cost of one at the other store

  3. you can keep as many bangaii cardinals in a tank as you like, as long as theres only one male. males will fight to the death. less than 5 minutes of research would tell you this.

  4. You should get some blue green chromis. They're good beginner fish. And when you get enough experience you should get some blue and yellow tang.

  5. Hey hii i saw both jx 10 Wave controller and I have sobo wp 700 Wave maker i jat wanna know that can i reduce flow or power which is 10000/ litre to 5000 is it possible? Jst let me know.

  6. Hi King, 1 question that no one has been able to help me with. Some say 24 by 7 others say 2 to 4 hrs a day. How long can a power head be kept running continuously? Thanks in advance.



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