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The first YouTube award for an aquarium channel! We did it folks and it was all thanks to YOU!!

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  1. Hi joeyWell done on your achievement I have watched nearly every video and think you are a great inspiration I'm in the UK and I'm crazy about fish I put a little video on but understand if you don't get time to look id love to have the space to setup a large fish room but over here we don't really have basements anyway well done and thanks for all your help 🐟 🐟 🐟 😊

  2. just subscribed I think your videos are awesome. just last year I converted from tropical to salt water aquarium and will be using some of your projects in my tank appreciate the vids

  3. Well done on the achievement. As one of your newest fans I fully understand why your channel is so popular. Your help and advise is amazing. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hello Joey, will you make a cylinder shaped acrylic aquarium video? I am trying to build a half moon aquarium with 180 degree ends. I want to position this aquarium in the corner to create a different look from the ordinary squared room in my basement. The problem that I am running into is that I can not get the acrylic panels to conform to the bottom of the aquarium bass. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you for your help.

  5. Hey Joey,
    Abu here, one of ur newest and most recent fan. Just got into the hobby recently and have watched ur videos to better understand on how to be good aquarist. I do love ur ideas on DIY's projects as I myself also likes to do things on my own. Your DIY's projects really helps alot most especially for people like me who have less or no means to get hold of aquarium stuffs even though financial problem is not the cause. You see I am from the Philippines but was born and grew up in Nigeria, where i am rignt now. Here in Nigeria, its either you get it from abroad or you dont get it all. But because of ur ideas, ur projects, we now have a third option. Congratulations Joey…….




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