A quick update on my aquariums and fish, as well as where i have been the past few weeks.

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  1. You Joey are awesome😎 !!!Not for one second do I believe what some small minded people have said about you!!!they’re ignorant and You rock !!!🤘🤘🤘

  2. I think you should do a tidal 110 review this is the filter I'm most interested in. I know you have many home made filters but many reasons people want a plug and play filter

  3. Joey it looks like YouTube is stressing you out. Take a break. Take time to gether yourself. Let life happen but also needs to be done is take a hiyetta. Breathe brother.

  4. Hey joey this is my first comment ever on a video and I am thinking bout starting a fish farm for angel fish and African cichlids and was wondering if u could give me some tips plz

  5. I haven't watched your videos in a while, and I'm amazed how jumpy you have gotten. Learn to stand still for 5secs plz. It's making me nervous

  6. Idk bt others but personally I do believe its fine Joey. Just keep doing wat makes you happy n dun let things bring you down. Stay strong, stay positive
    P.S. dis is my first time placing my comment anywer, cus givin comment isnt really my thing lol. Hope it will cheer you up a lil n thank you vry much for reading. I really like wat you have taught d viewers, like how to build skimmers n stuff. So cool n informative, learned a lot. Cant wait to see how much more creative you could be hearts

  7. Hey Joey, I have been the fish keeping hobby for the past 50 years. I have been from fresh water to salt water then back to fresh water in that time. I realize how much time it takes to manage your life plus the lives of a few hundred fish. I found you a few years ago and really enjoy your vids. Please keep them coming I love you're DIY stuff. I will have to have you stop by and see my tank gallery sometime.

  8. Wow.. instead of just not making videos you choose to make a 20 minute video to tell us about not making videos.
    "Please don't quit, I'll never figure out how to put fish in water if you do!!"

  9. I personally don't own any fish but I'm a huge fan and someday I will have fish and because of you I think that I will have the perfect setup I love your videos and appreciate the time you take to let us learn from you

  10. Do this for you, not us. It's a privilege to have your knowledge and experience at our finger tips. Don't worry about the a** holes who can't understand you're human.

  11. Im repeating myself here I'm not really that interested in fish or aquariums but I just like to watch you and passively soak up neet information just love it
    K e e p I t U p ! ! !

  12. I only discovered you like four or five days ago, but in that time have watched every video you’ve posted almost. You’ve piqued so many peoples interest in fish. I don’t have space for a large aquarium so I’ve actually ordered some fairy shrimp eggs. I saw your vids and was like “I need fish again”. I had a coral reef tank years ago. Fairy shrimp may seem ridiculous to some but it’s because of your enthusiasm for the hobby that made me want some sort of fish again. It’s your life, and you face criticism from people who don’t see the whole picture. We don’t know what you go through off camera. I hope you return but if not I understand. You gotta do what is right for you.


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