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  1. Lol it was a nightmare moved out my whole house myself basically. 5 tanks and had to reseal my main display tank and a 75g breeding tank my main is 125G up and running now unfortunately I lost a breeding pair of red peacocks but I still got every one of their fry right now.

  2. I love her, she is beautiful! I have have a red blood parrot named Ursula, and she’s so pretty with such personality, I hope when she gets older she gets even more pretty. I love your aquariums, keep up with the great videos.

  3. I think a grade a tigrinis would look awesome in the room somewhere even a lima because they still look so good would be a nice addition somewhere and because they stay much smaller in most cases I think it would be a cool and great addition somewhere in the room plus all that I’ve ever had were so great with there personalities. Just something I’ve thought lol. Everything looks amazing healthy and vibrant though 😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❣️

  4. I’m having this same issue with my p. Bass but in another year they will burst to life in the color and attitude department. Gourami looks amazing though joey! Scales are doing great forehead is looking good. 👍 overall living the fish room. Always in my top 5 favorites in the world

  5. TY I need to clean a tank right now and sure enough I did not estimate the time it is going to take to clean it. I will pause this video now and go get a green scrubber from the store and get back here and get started.

  6. It always takes way longer than expected to tear down a tank and set it up again. When I moved last year I felt bad for my fish hanging out in a tub (with heater and filter).

    Smells more than expected when its empty too.


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Spring is Here! 2019 Plans

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