The GIANT CATFISH aquarium

The GIANT CATFISH  aquarium

Today some changes in the aquarium gallery occur. The fish tank we focus on is the catfish aquarium.

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  1. I have raised many Redtail Catfishes at different points of my life. Once when I visited a pet store I saw 2 baby redtails about 2 inches or so. I took one home. The guy was a voracious eater in just one month he grew over 6 inches. I visited the same pet shop a month later and I saw the other one still there without any growth. I felt sorry for the guy since he wasn't being fed properly there. So I took him home. As soon as I introduced the new fish to the tank my old fish, the new guy's sibling, rushed in and gulped the him and ran off.

  2. Can you please help me out. I have a small catfish in a 20 gallon tank. Will it out grow it? It ate 2 of the other small fish in the tank, that normal? Great video. TY

  3. About 20 years ago at Elephant Butte Dam in New Mexico a car drove off the bridge and sank .Divers were sent in, and there were catfish down there at 6 ,7 , 8, foot long the divers come flying out.. "I ain't going back down there again they said."
    " this is like Kanoodling!" Kanoodle sounds like a good name .
    "Kanoodle and Susan"


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