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Take a tour of Tony’s “The frankenstein fish room”!! While visiting in Maryland, I had the opportunity to stop by Tony’s place and film his fish room. Lots of great aquariums and fish to be seen!

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  1. I really love how he did his fish room it’s working an he’s doing what he loves I Absolutely hate how people run their mouth about others fish room to the point where you don’t want to let no one record it because how much hate you get from the web thank you buddy for letting us see you fish room

  2. I'm from Uruguay, and yeah "Chanchitos" are a nice cichlid to have, bit territorial, but very nice red eyes and can display a very distinctive golden yellow to them with unique black stripes, I was very surprised and happy when he said "Uruguay" 😛

  3. I loved seeing this Room. So interesting the many different ways you can get involved into this hobby, obsession, passion. I wonder if he makes money from the breeding?

  4. It's not a good idea to collect wild…1) make sure is not in the Endangered Species list. 2) don't put them in with existing fish. The wild fish can pass on diseases. 3) do your research…how big can they become? You can see from this video, which I really like, that he makes certain the big fish move on to Larger space. Otherwise, they suffer and die once too large. Beautiful tanks!

  5. you know, it's really cool, this guy obviously knows his stuff and has great maintenance, but why have them locked away in a garage or whatever that was. sooooo sketchy bro. It raises the idea of, why do you even have them. You're not showing them, you're only breeding a few, it's like they're just there to maintain, not to show or enjoy. Just weird.



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