The flowerhorn aquarium… MISTAKE?

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  1. What you are dealing with is grief. It is completely normal. Frank was a BIG part of your life, like it or not. Just remember you also have other fish that have great personality and need love too.

  2. Definitely went through a grieving phase which made you try and replace frank, but the fact you were truthful about your feelings and how you wasnt invested in the new flowerhorns means you are true to yourself and your channel.

  3. Don't think you need to worry about it too much. You did all you could, and the new guy is really pretty. Also, why take francine out of her home because Frank died ya know

  4. Memory lane……you had Frank, there will never be another and that’s the way it is.
    It is now 2020……
    Now you have a puffer fish and they are just a joy to watch.
    No matter how much personality another flower horn would have, I agree with you that
    It will never be as interesting as our Frank.
    You rehomed your flower horns, now I’m sure your state of mind got a lot better.

  5. There is nothing at all wrong with getting rid of fish.  Fish stores do it everyday.  You make sure they go to good homes, so really you have better ethics (if you want to get technical).  I have to say you got me interested in my aquarium again.  Thanks for the great videos.  Great job

  6. Just take all that energy in with the breeding and how to on how to do it right ive had a couple different tanks but yanno fish pass it happens its mother nature having babies will make you love them 10x more swear

  7. "Just that," said the fox. "To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you, I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world . . ." Antoine de Saint-Expurery – The little prince.

  8. Hey my flowerhorn look like he got scratches on him and it look like keep getting worse. do you know informations about that. do I have to be worried. If you can give me information thanks

  9. I hope you didn't get rid of Francine? Would be wrong to dump her simply because Frank died! Perhaps she was going through stress after the loss of her mate and that's why she was being aggressive? She probably saw the new guy as an intruder.

  10. I felt the same way when I lost my first flowerhorn but I feel different now I've got new ones and one of them I'm closer to now then the first one.. just kinda happens over time. By the way I own the female you got in this video and she's doing good! She's so active!

  11. Frank cant be replaced. Period.
    So if your Heart and Love isnt into this male fish then do not keep him. I would just keep Francine cause shes been with you and its not fair to her to kick her out her home after her husband Frank has died. Thats like….Doubly Cruel. I mean if you actually watch the videos when Frank was getting sick you can actually see her trying to comfort him. She can see hes got something wrong and she actually swims over to him and nuzzles against him gently. Just go watch it. Maybe Im reading it too much. Maybe cause of my peoples culture Im adding too much humanization to the fish. But I saw real love between her and Frank. She should be able to live her life in the tank she and Frank shared until she dies and then you can bury her with him.

    People dont think fish can feel love, but I believe they do. And I believe trying to make her be with a Male YOU Liked is just a grave injustice to her and a slap in Franks face, to be blunt. I mean, what if you died? And then God just said to your wife, "OK Well now you go into this house and this is your husband now." And she didnt even get a choice or a chance to even morn you being gone. Fish do get used to routine. They get used to another fish being there. And it is a shock to them when that fish is gone. Ive seen that much first hand in my own tanks. And its basically a fact considering fish can actually feel depression, become depressed, and get sick from stress from to many things changing around them. Alll of that to me says that fish do have a deeper understanding of their world and thus deeper feelings than we may realize.

    Even this little males actions towards you could be a direct result of him sensing Your energy in that moment. Hell it could be even that he senses youre another male and is showing you hell fight you too. He is……Pretty……..If you consider totally man made fish with weird impratical shapes pretty. But if you dont think you can care for him with all the love, tenderness and enthusiasm he deserves because hes a precious living thing….Then give him to someone you know who Will give him the life he deserves and who Will be happy to see him everyday. You already have a bazillion fish. Letting one go to a good home where he might just be Their Star Fish, like Buddy and Frank were, is the kindest thing you can do if your hearts really not up for the task of caring for him.

    Keep Francine and give her all the love you didnt get to give Frank. Then when shes gone put her next to him and plant a patch of hardy flowers over them thatll bloom and grow every year. Thats what I did with my first Koi hybrid, Mars. I planted red and white roses over him cause thats what colors he was. We dont even live in the house anymore but the roses are still there.

  12. When I lose a fish I'm concerned if the quality of my water doesn't suit them. Perhaps if you treated your water anyway with a conditioner that helps their slime coat?

  13. Do what u feel is right my man and I have been in the hobby for years and my man will swap his mind and change his mind we lost our flowerhorn 2 years ago and for a hole year we never had a flowerhorn and we want to a shop and feel in love with our new boy it's normal do what u feel is right ur feeling to me is completely normal because that is what my man has when we loss fish we just got two new Oscars after 4 years of not having them because we lost our fav fish Monk and couldn't get one after losing him but we finely got a new one it 100% normal

  14. Personally, I'd say to go with your gut… The heart, mind, and gut work together to form our overall conscience and tell us what's best. So if they're telling you to rehome your flowerhorns…let Frank be his own special loving memory and move on. Don't let guilt make you think that you need to rationalize everything, and don't overthink it, you know what to do. I'm sure one of your friends would love to build that same connection with their own new flowerhorn! But if you happen to decide in the end to keep them, I agree with Batje Piron…name him Henry after Victor Henry Frankenstein.


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Microgreens | Personal Use (See Description)

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