The evolution of the 375 gallon aquarium | The King of DIY

How to build an aquarium… Story time.

Original build series:

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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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The king of DIY


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  1. Sir u inspire me to make my own aquarium i m from india and lots of my friends buy aquarium but u inspire me to make a and i enjoyed it sir plz make more of it and keep up tha good work

  2. Hey joey! I'm building a stand for my 125 gallon and im trying to find the video showing what you used to hang the doors on the 375 stand as it is now. Maybe you can DM me ?

  3. DUDE, yesterday I did start to watsh your chanel. I think I already watsh 5 or 6 hours of your content, you are insane! your job is amazing. (Im from Spain, so, im sorry for my english).

  4. I remember your whole story, even though you retold it. It was fascinating seeing how things change, and how they're all different now. I hope in the future we get that gold fish tank you keep promising! 😛

  5. I have been following your for a very long time and and have never once gotten tired of any of them you have made in the past and I am sure I will still continue to watch many more future videos.
    You're what we need in the hobby

  6. When i first subscribed joey still had the pig nose turtle and to see where we are now is amazing. Joey was my inspiration that got me into the hobby. And I still watch every video. Its became part of my roution.

  7. Man. I believe im one of the first 200k! Im so glad that ive been here so long and you've been such a role model as a person and as a hobbiest. Keep up the work and do what you continue to enjoy! Love ya Joey and always loved this tank. 🙂

  8. Hey love!!! JUST wanted to let ya know… I shared your channel to my fb in hopes of gettin you more subs cause YOU NEED and DESERVE 1 million subs and rising!!! Xo

  9. I found your channel due to the DIY videos. However, there are only so many things one can build and you've covered most of them. Love the new videos too. Keep up the good work.

  10. You're awsome bro.. don't let anyone tell you otherwise 😀 thanks soo much for your vids.. I never build anything till I saw your stand building vid.. and I built one myself just 2 weeks ago :).. later tonight I'll start with building a 3d background 🙂

  11. Joey I still watch those DYI videos for something I’m building not to match it perfectly but just to give myself ideas how you did it and tweak it so it will fit or blend with my system don’t beat yourself up on them I love them keep doing what you doing I’ll keep watching


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