The dream koi pond in the fall

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Today, we revisit Graham’s Koi pond and go over what it takes to winterize his koi pond.


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  1. Hello my friend
    Love the DIY ,you are cool and good guy , lucky man I say because you give the others to enjoy like you bro . Thanks
    I am car tuner , now fish keeper
    I have 50 nishkigoi big pics in 6000L pond , like your grandfather , 20 malawi cichlid , 3 mullet , 60 tilapia ,2 goldfish,2 pleco ,5 lobster ,
    Now I'm starting discos tank with plant . 75gallon , it's new for me
    I see your videos . Bro
    Perfect . Best regards .

  2. That’s really cool! I’ve just started posting videos of my outdoor pond! I got a cool one of my inverted 10 gallon aquarium. Tell me what you think if you get time to check it out. Thanks

  3. my ponds run all winter here in Canada and I have been wintering my. two biggest 26 year year old KOI since 1991 very successfully all winter here in Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada. I built my ponds myself and designed them to run year round. I don't have outside pipes or drains as they would freeze. My pumps and filters all under water and I always have perfect balanced pond as ponds run year round so never any need for IV filter. it's a simple design of four connecting ponds that all flow together like a creek so little ice builds up.

  4. so many questions! how does he do such large water changes? do the bacteria survive the winter or does he re-cycle the pond every spring? How long does it take to refill his pond, or does he like fill up barrels with water weeks before so when spring comes all he has to do it pour the barrels?

  5. I don't know the opposite word is of lazy, but damn youre it. :S
    I was wondering how old those kois are. I remembered putting mine in my moms pond over 10 years back,
    and they are still out there. 🙂 Never regreted it, those are huge now too.

  6. hey Joey,
    great pond and I like all your videos.
    Could you please talk more about the trickle filter with the vegetation. I have always wanted to build one like this.

  7. Joey its great seeing people help each other out. The pond is amazing and i love what he said because i think many people think koi and goldfish hibernate when like he said they just "survive".



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