Today i take you on a tour of Rick’s fish room. He shows us the layout of the aquarium and how they all work, as well as a closer look at some of his fish!

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  1. While in Chicago to give a presentation to the local club, I was brought by a few fish rooms. This one was ricks. Pretty impressed with how well thought out and clean this whole set up was. Hope you enjoy it. TONS of ideas for you guys in this video! What was your favourite part?

  2. Idn how joey did it when he was trapped in that small little closet room when that guy closed the door behind him. 😰 it's like a dexter episode

  3. I was caught off guard and pleasantly surprised by this man's knowledge and approach to the hobby. Sitting back and listening to his rational regarding the heating system and attention to detail of his plumbing logic, to me was brilliant.
    King of the DIY, you did a good job with directing the interview and getting him to open up.
    Thanks for sharing your passion

  4. I love the very clean setup. The only thing that bothers me is the lack of plants overall lol. Imo, plants are essential to fish keeping because i personally do my best ti make my tanks as naturalistic as possible. Over all though, I am really impressed with the cleanliness of the fish room.

  5. Nice fish room, but I had to rewind this video to make sure I heard this guy correctly and I did. He really said the restaurant stainless steel sink is his favorite part of his fish room 😂😂😂

  6. Very intelligent fish keeper, so why does he call them "embuna"? The proper pronunciation according to the natives at Lake Malawi is "boonah". Please people, start pronunciating Mbunas properly.

  7. That's one hell of a fish room
    I always wanted a centralized watering system like that specially being a pipe fitter
    Didn't have drilled tanks
    Closest I came was a centralized liner pump that he uses for all my sponges and stones

    He must be an engineer

  8. This is the most organized collector I’ve ever seen! I’m so jealous of the the efficiency of his water flow and heating mechanics. Very knowledgeable! GO CUBBIES!



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