While i phoenix, i toured a few aquariums. The odysea aquarium was one of them. It was busy, too busy to film a proper video, so i put this video together showing some of my favourite moments.

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  1. Your love of rays make me feel privileged I get to swim with big bull rays and eagle rays here in Tasmania. They sometimes seem just just appear right next to you, their size is always a bit of a shock, and then they just glide off into the distance. Such a majestic animal!

  2. those bat fish were freaky as, they kinda reminded me of cane toads to be honest, and that gross lure thing out their nose freaked me the hell out shivers

  3. I’m gonna try and convince my girlfriend to let me go and come with me down to boca to see you! From Jacksonville, much love.

  4. Hey joey I was wondering if you could do a video on proper placement of a wave maker in a fresh water planted tank. It’s the first time I used one, and I converted a 55 gallon with a 15 gallon sump saltwater tank to a freshwater planted and I’m not getting the proper flow through the tank. I do have the right size for my tank but I’m not sure about placement as I am using the protein skimmer and overflow box still. I know I don’t need the skimmer but it helps from keeping my loaches from getting in the over flow

  5. There is a WW2 submarine in Muskogee Oklahoma named the USS Batfish, it floated for the first time in decades at the end of May early June with all the flooding in Oklahoma.


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Tell me what to grow next in my hydroponic system!

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How to Build a Pond Fish Feeder