The BEST AQUARIUM FILTER ever created?!

The BEST AQUARIUM FILTER ever created?!

Also… i know… i have hair now. Just let it grow. Wanted something different.
Fun fact: My hair used to be longer than this… i shaved it all off 10 years ago to “start over”… yet i appeared on video for the first time with that shaved head… I simply kept shaving it to always look the same. Basically… i shaved my head for a decade to look the same in any video you watched on my channel… lol…. commitment!

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  1. Also… i know… i have hair now. I Just let it grow recently. I Wanted something different for the first time in a decade!
    Fun fact: My hair used to be longer than this… i shaved it all off 10 years ago to "start over" like guys tend to do… yet i appeared on video for the first time with that shaved head… because of this, I simply kept shaving it to always look the same on video so no matter what video you watched or when you watched it, you would know it was me.. lol….thats commitment!

  2. I was watching 2 of your older videos one was the diy fludized sand and the other was 3 filters you can build now, great videos. Between the fludized sand and the diy ceramic bottle filters how do they compare with the good old sponge for efficiency? I assume sand would be king is that correct?

  3. Run sponge filters in everything and work great. Restoring a 240 gal tank and building a 100 gal sump. Will be putting sponges in sump and maybe tank when completed.

  4. Ok Joey I have a ? For u my wife got me a baby asian arowana he's 4 inches long I have a 300 gallon tank he will b put in but I wanna quarantine him for a few months would a 40 gallon breeder be good enough to house him and grow him out

  5. Hi yet another really great video, I do run sponge filters in my aquariums but I rely more on under gravel filters as they look great, take up no room, have no working parts to fail and like sponge filters they can be air or power head driven. mind they are no good in an Oscar tank.

  6. I use them for my tanks in my fishroom because I use a central air system. For larger tanks, I use multiple sponge filters. HOBs are great if you only have a couple of tanks or tanks that are spread throughout the home, but cleaning them are more involved than a sponge filter.

  7. HOB: They all work but Fluval C series has so much filter media, & slides in & out so easily. Had mine 3 years, dead silent, no problems. Can't figure out why it's not in every store.🤔
    CANISTER: None compare with EHEIM old type 2211 – 2217. The filter is actually 12-16" thick. Tell me which other filter is a foot thick?????
    Simple: H2O comes in bottom, travels through a foot of filter material & out the top.
    Put a pre-filter on & you only have to break down whole canister 1/year.
    Only had fish 67 years!!!

  8. I have a 30 gal. cube aquarium that I keep 3 axolotls in. Two are adult males, one is a juvie male. I have a 30gal aquaclear HOB. I put a spare sponge over the HOB's intake pipe and another I hung off the outlet with fishing line. The intake sponge helps keep larger debris out of the pipe, while the 2nd helps soften the fall to keep the current slower. I also have a powerhead with two sponge filters on it that I use to pump the water to my chiller. The tank itself is bare bottom to help keep up with spot cleaning easier.

  9. Yes. I love sponge filters. I have two in every tank even when I have external Cascade filters and canister filters. Found that my fish are healthier with the extra oxigen. They also polish the water better than any other filter I have ever used.

  10. Sponge filters are the best filters ever made, I use them in all my tanks. They aren't ideal for large fish such as oscars though. But if you have a 55 gallon or under and your fish are under 6-7 inches they can't be beaten.

  11. I've used sponge filters in nearly every tank, but usually in addition to a canister or HOB. I really liked the two rocks you placed in your QT. Did you buy or make them? When you get a chance… Can you point me in the right direction? And, yes it's nice to have a video that brings hobbyists back to the basics – even sponge filters.

  12. My tank has an internal pump with a long intake pipe. The water gets pumped up and sprayer over a large tray of ceramic rings and sponge at the top of the tank. There’s a Venturi air intake on the pump which bubbles/agitates the water. I could put a sponge on the intake too, for more filtration.

  13. Sponge is the greatest filter for any tank where looks are not a huge deal. ( quarantine tank, grow out tanks, or breeder tanks). Other wise I am a fan or canisters. Easy to hide everything and still has all 3 forms of filtration. Sumps for the giant tanks since it will be easier to change the pump to get any flow rate you want.

  14. hang on back filters are the best filter's ever invented! I also use canister filters sponge filters diy bottle filters with a powerhead & yes I still use the ancient box filters & they're all stuffed & packed with high end ceramic filter media & filter sponges so yeh.

  15. Hey Joey,

    for me the best filtration for a living room aquarium is a sump packed with sponges. In German we call them "Patronenfilter", I don't know if there is a englisch translation. The layout is the same as many koi owner use it. You get a huge amount of sponge surface and a very low flow rate through each individual sponge. For me an overflow is essential for any bigger tank.

    Greetings from Germany.

  16. Plants! Pothos, Forget nitrogen cycle they get straight to the point and remove the lot! You can propagate for other tanks, you can visually see growing rate which indicates how the tank is doing and provide shelter for fish and shrimp. They look amazing and best of all no power outlet needed !!!!


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