4 fake rocks that can only be placed a certain way. 1 piece of wood i didn’t really want. Some beginner style plants…. this is what i came up with.

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  1. I love this aquascape. I'm new to the hobbie. From Belfast. You have done more for me than you know. Your amazing you have inspired me to bigger and better things. Thanks.

  2. 300dollers or more of wood, background, and rocks. Plants? thats not beginner. Beginner is gravel and taped on picture background. beginners worry bout buying fish over all the expensive scaping.

  3. I mean, I still consider myself a beginner – but watching you fiddle with limited materials and work around them really reminds me of the very beginning of my hobby. Enjoyable video – nice tank!

  4. Been watching your videos since before your lovely shed haha I would love too see you get a pufferfish as I would like to get one but I’m worried about keeping him would like some advice


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