The arowana aquarium

The arowana aquarium

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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. I once had a saratoga a couple of years back. Looked quite a lot like your arowana. Are they a similar species? Or same?
    I'm questioning whether or not mine was a saratoga or not lol, he was about 2 feet long.

    Note: I'm in Australia.

  2. Can someone out there help me out. I always wanted a drilled tank system.. I have one, 3 tanks high sump at bottom.. I just got my 150 gallon.. here's the question.. overflows work gets as do sumps.. I want a sump under my 150 but.. I don't like over flows! Reason being.. the fish food gets sucked up right away! I have some that sinks…works.. but I also use flakes…because it's cheaper! Is there a way to keep this from happening? And is a bottom or back drilled tank better?

  3. Ooh boyyy that's a lot of light! I would love to see what you would do with aquaponics growing fresh foods or even your own tobacco right off the top of this and other tanks you have running. You have the perfect set ups for the hobby and they make great toppers!

  4. great video Joey as always
    i have watched all your videos from the start of this channel and have to say that every single video is amazing, interesting and educational in its own way. Much love from Maldives ❤😁

  5. Hi Joey, Love your videos just got a random question for ya. Are you thinking about moving from Youtube to bitchute or another site. Seems alot of good video creators are jumping ship with this new adpocolypse COPPA thingy coming. Well if you do lets know were you go.

  6. You've been keeping these beast for how long?! I just started this last year in aquariums guppys,corydoras,red cherry's easy plants no ferts and am only getting started. Long live the aquarium hobby.


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