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I recently visited the Dalhousie university AQUATRON Laboratory for a behind the scenes tour. Canada’s largest aquatic research facility.
I wasn’t sure what to expect or what a would be filming, so kept it simple and brought 1 camera. Little did I know it would be so loud… and so big! Next time, I will bring some mics! I decided to upload all of the footage i had. Typically, I would edit this down to about 5-10 minutes, but I figured you might want to see everything I did. (even though there wasn’t time to see everything!) There is LOTS to learn. Pay attention.

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  1. Joey this is the best educational video I've seen you do. I've watched most, nearly all of your vids as I hope to keep fish again. I think this is your dream job! research and development excites me never mind you. best of luck T

  2. Thanks for this fantastic documentary! It's really interesting to see how professionals do filtration! I always wondered how they did it. Once thing I noticed is that there's no known brands from aquarium business in real pro environments (in computers you can see HP or Dell both in home environments and in big data centers too). Also it's interesting how much he nows about water and about fishes, and what he said about too much CO2 and dried air pipes is something very clever and I never heard about that in domestic tanks. Both are very good points!

  3. This video is awesome. I've always wondered what it looks like behind the scenes in a large aquatic science facility. I think I need to make a career change now. I would have liked to been exposed to this kind of stuff when I was younger. Awesome!

  4. guys iam in love with fish hobby and I wish u tell. me what size I can hold for a tank for a beginner and what kind of fish 🐠 can I hold and how many fish in the size of the tank u tell me about pls I want an accurate answer because I hate to buy an animal and die because of the space of the kind of it or the number of it and thank u all Guys for the response to my question and have a nice day with your fish 🐠 😊

  5. Joey, this has got to be the best video you've done and posted, watching it was like watching a docuthriller. AWESOME! This maybe should be a new kind of video for you if you find the time, need, and want to add something else to your channel. Man, this has to almost be getting to the point of a career directional change for you. Truly a great video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I appreciate all the videos youve made! Theyve opened me up to new projects to take on and things that i generally wouldnt have been able to do otherwise. I know you likely have a ton of stuff planned for the future, but id love to see something one day on how to make aquarium decorations or caves. Such as using the same methods as your backgrounds for rock caves, or perhaps another method you think would be effective. I was thinking of trying to make a "mountain" out of the foam and concrete and having tunnels through it and caves. The fish i mainly keep are african mbunas and they love their caves! I am also setting up another tank soon and i decided to make everything myself this time, aside from the tank itself and the heater (Just a small 36"x12" tank anyways). It will be a cool project to take on and i can personalize it how id like it best.

  7. wow..what an awesome private tour…love everything about it…hope to see more tours..plz take us with you…that natinal sand filter and chiller really blow me away!! ♡♡

  8. I see a DIY sand filter in Joey's future ( for mechanical filtration like the big ones here, not for biological filtration like he's already done)

  9. So Joey…. um….er… where are the DIY plans for that 180,000 gallon tank?
    And are the rumours true… is that the tank used for the top secret Canadian Asian Arowana breeding program?

  10. Man! I'm 13 minutes in and this is insane! I build and repair power plants and refineries for a living and the Siemens program they are running is not far off what the use to operate a power plant. it would be my dream to be on maintenance there! Great job!

  11. Really cool! I was part of a lab that researched abalone, chiton, and mantis shrimp. Our equipment was nothing like this haha. We were fairly small.

  12. What an amazing job to have. Recreating natural enviroments like the Barrier Reef and observing the behaviour of its natural species.
    With a job like that you never need work another day in your life!



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