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The aquarium scape off challenge…. I NEED YOUR HELP!! Please leave some suggestions on what the challenges should be! We cant lose this one guys…. Dont let him smash me in this contest!! haha
The king of DIY UK meet up is going to be a BLAST! I simply can not wait.

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  1. I'm catching up on my subscriptions so this is late, but I just want to say that I love the energy that you've put into this video and the scape off. I'm so hyped up, this is almost like a TV show <3

  2. hi joey.
    1: a idea for gallery.
    2: scape off cahllenge ideas

    1=as you are going to visit george soon, how about thinking about making a tank (for gallery) that is different from the rest and not dependant on electrical equipments for most part. it will need plants of various types and only a light for the plants (which is the only electrical equipment); whereas all the rest is taken care by these plethora of various plants eg, oxygenating tank, filtering water, using fish waste by themselves as fertilizer, and providing food for fish. also the need to change water is once a month or few months ,depending on tank size (volume of water). also the number of fish are very less as compared to what we have in a normal equipment supported aquarium. also ot take around 2 months atleast to get the tank in proper order and let the plants take control of the tank all by itself, fiah are added one by one, gradually to allow the plants to work out to supporting the bio load of the fishes.
    Since george is a scaper, a scape with plants that co habit and support the tank, the soil, substrate, types of plants needed etc can be some good topics to get some ideas on. such a self-sustaining tank will be something different and awesome and inspiring, as it will relay (albeit in a small scale) how the nature works.

    2= for scapeoff ideas some suggestions are,. i)blind fold {some one will guide while u scape with eyes covered or vice versa}. ii)contrast {scape two halves of tank in opposite/contrasting manner}. iii)Genre {specify a theme/genre like desert/forest/cave/ deep/ shallow/ nature/ fort/castle/ movie theme/ etc.
    will add few more if think of any. thanks and keep up the good work. always excited to watch your educational videos.

  3. Aquascaping is Doing it yourself. As a world renowned king of DIY you are the only winner of this event. Anyway I will definitely be there to see it, besides always a pleasure to see George doing is thing live. But this time I am really going to it for you joey

  4. "To cheat" was priceless. I was like wait, wtf was that. Had to spam pause for slowmo mode! As always, love everything you're doing Joey. You are a true inspiration. Thank you so much for being amazing.

  5. hey I'm huge fan of your channel, I've watched every single video . I just wanna say that plz try a turtle ..and I love the turtles so please buy at least a pair of turtles

  6. One challenge should be to find a tank with neon tetras, and you have to catch 3 and only 3 neons, in one go. If you catch more or less you have to empty the net and start again.
    Also, please come to Melbourne, Australia!!!!

  7. CHALLENGE: the other opponent must say, "joey's the best, he will win this con-test, Joey's the best he will win this con-test" repeatedly for 3 minutes. While saying saying this, George will not think straight because his brain is focused on saying that, Joey will get motivated, and the crowd will start laughing, throwing George off.

  8. Challenge: choose one of the audience to do aquascaping for the other for 3-5 minutes so you pic one of your fans to delay him for you…. Hahaha 😈😈😎😎😏😀😀😀