Today we venture to custom aquariums to get a first look at the new aquariums racks!

Some may be wondering why i went this route. The answer is simple:

To build these 10 tanks would cost me about the same amount of money. Maybe a little more(Smaller tanks save no money building yourself in my experience) yet building them would put me behind on the gallery by about 1.5months.

As for the racks, given the space i have, a typical 2×6 rack i would build for something like this is too bulky and wouldn’t fit my needs. Its simply not possible.
Going with a metal racking system meant for storage is limited on dimensions and are ugly. this is a gallery. Not a fish room.

Custom aquariums was able to meet my every need with this sponsorship. This was a no brainer.

With that said, I have build countless stands, racks, sumps and aquariums out of basically anything you could imagine. If that is what you are looking for, feel free to browse some of my older videos. There isn’t much i haven’t done

In conclusion, this is a gallery. It is not a contest to see how many things i can build in it. This isnt about me or DIY. This is about presenting these aquariums and fish in the most visually pleasing way possible. I have already built everything anyways at one point or another. I will build when it makes sense to build. I will buy or be sponsored on the things it makes sense for others. As i always have.

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  1. Is it strange that I was most excited by those sumps?   I just built a sump out of a 29g tank and plastic drawers for a 72g I'm working on, it should work well but it's crude in comparison.   I could spend my next paycheck on their stuff without a problem, lol.

  2. You know what would look awesome to put in the room? Lifx lights!! Where he could change the colors in the room any color, I think it would be cool even tho it's not necessary but it's awesome looking lol

  3. passable issue that im not seeing anyone ask. and you didnt talk about.
    being that its all surrounded by aluminum even on the back and the racks are perfectly fit to the tanks where will your plumbing be?

  4. Would be amazing if you could do an Australian freshwater Biotope, although I assume only a few species of rainbow fish would be commonly available where you are.

  5. Joey i love youre video's man! Youre the sole reason i started picking up the hobby again!! Just one thing, i NEED to know the song that keeps playing in youre vids (including this vid)!!

  6. Hey Joey I need some help with something but cant message you on Facebook or anything. Have you got a email or something I could forward a few photos to you? thanks for your time.

  7. would love to see a tank or even the giant planted tank to have Diamond tetras and Emperor Tetras. They're underrated tetras with beautiful colors and fins, would also love to see ropefish!